Sunjika Van Gogh, 78.8% HBSA  (at 12 months)

(Marvell Gunter 81.9% SABT x Sunjika Nika 80.7% SABT)

born: 01.01.05
height: 69 см
weight: 77 кг
ED: 0:0

Van Gogh - is a big and beautiful boerboel. He's of a very rare color for boerboels - peibald, that sometimes appear in this breed as a ressesive gene, though both of his parents are of a red color (Marvell Gunter x Sunjika Nika).

Van Gogh demostrates a beatiful muscle relief, strong hindlegs with powerful movements and very nice typical boerbo-head. He has a wonderful temperament, and all guests and visitors of our kennel gives him a credit for his nice and gentle manners, as well as he is a "favourite baby" for all of females' part of the kennel. He had sired a nice litter of pups, and we're looking forward for his further perspective litters.

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