Ассоциация владельцев и заводчиков Бурбулей ЮАР

Founded in 1983 г.

S.A.B.T./SABBA – non-commercial public organization, first boerboel association in South Africa that united all boerboel enthusiasts in South Africa and helped to start first boerboel register, work out further development of the breed. SABT's one of the main aims - to preserve the breed  as a unique native breed of South Africa.

In 1980, Jannie Bauer, Lucas and Anneke van der Merwe out of Kroonstad, organized their first selective tour across South Africa in order to collect and choose the remnants of the original boerboel dogs.

Thousands of kilometers had been covered , and a strong selection started, followed by falls and ups. Finally 72 dogs had been selected out of 250, that was found and chosen initially. Those 72 boerboels, by common opinion, fit the appearance and qualities of the real farm-dogs known previously as BOELS, and they were officially registered as first BOERBOELS of South Africa.

Association has a biggest Boerboel Register in the world.

S.A.B.T./SABBA has its own representatives in USA and Europe.

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