Mizpah Bakkop 81.8 % HBSA 

(Lucy-ann Lucas vd Merwe 82.1% HBSA x Mizpah Meisie 78% HBSA)

born.: 26.02.01
height: 64 sm
weight: 57 kg

Bekki - the most sportive and enegetic dogs of our kennel. Quick and masterful in movements, she adores outdoor games, and swimming is her most favourite hobby.

She belongs to the category of "talkative" dogs, and always gives her "comments" to what's going on around her by different sounds and burling.  Bekki is an absolute peace-maker, and being a senior female she is the unspoken leader of the boerboel pack. She inherited outstanding temperament from her legendary father Oppibult Tolla II.

She had been neutered a while ago and at the meant time, she lives as a retired happy-life pensioner in our house.

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